Coco Blanco Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder

  • Instantly whiten teeth with the #1 Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder! Our patented formula will last you over 150 brushes, that is over 2 months! It is jam-packed with detoxifying ingredients like powdered coconut charcoal and bentonite clay to keep your beautiful mouth in top shelf condition. Organic peppermint and organic lemon myrtle help fight germs and detox your kisser at the same time! Harmful chemical teeth whitening is a thing of the past, polish your teeth and straighten enamel the healthy and vegan way! 

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  • Simply dip a wet toothbrush into the fine, odorless and tasteless black Coco Blanco Activated Charcoal Powder. Brush in small gentle circles for two-three minutes. Spit it out carefully, rinse really well with water and enjoy your white teeth.

    We recommend brushing your teeth with the Coco Blanco Charcoal Teeth Whitening Spearmint Toothpaste after.

About Activated Charcoal

Pitch-black powder to whiten your teeth? Yes! Activated charcoal is the secret ingredient.

It's an oxidized version of charcoal and can be used to effectively whiten teeth.

It removes external stains from your teeth without the toxic chemical ingredients used in commercial tooth whitening.

This tooth whitening promotes good oral health.


Clean and whiten your teeth the all natural way

All natural and organic ingredient to help detoxify your mouth and teeth 

An anti-bacterial and anti-fungal powder that's excellent for gum health and sensitive teeth, plus it removes food and drink stains over time!

1-2 MONTH SUPPLY: Depending on usage, this natural teeth whitener jar will last 1-2 months (110 uses approx.)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We know you’ll love our Coco Blanco products, which is why we offer a Risk-free 30 day Money-Back Guarantee on all of our products.

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